Payday loans without endorsement


Types of payday loan without endorsement

Types of payday loan without endorsement

Depending on the amount of money you need, or that the financial institution can grant you; There are three fundamental types of payday loan without endorsement:

  • payday loan without endorsement: generally, they grant up to € 1,200 if you have already been a customer of them and have returned your money within the stipulated period in just a few minutes, usually charge an interest of 1.1% per day. You must return it in a short period of time, from one to two months
  • payday loan without endorsement: can grant up to € 6,000, to return between 3 months to 4 years, and usually have an interest of 6% per month
  • payday loans without endorsement: they grant up to € 100,000, to be repaid up to 10 years, and with an average interest rate of 8.84% per annum

Requirements to qualify for payday loan without endorsement

Even if you do not have an endorsement that can answer to you so that you can return the money, you must be of legal age, resident in Spain, have a bank account and be able to justify that you have a regular and fixed income (payroll, pension, etc).

Are payday loan without collateral more expensive than other financial products?

No , the conditions, expenses and commissions are the same as those of conventional financial products. The difference is that these payday loan do admit clients that do not have a guarantee.

Steps necessary to apply for a payday loan without endorsement

Steps necessary to apply for a payday loan without endorsement

  • It is convenient to compare all so-called payday loan without collateral. For this, you can consult credit comparison
  • Once chosen the best ones that adapt to our conditions and to what we want, it is convenient to do a simulation of credit in each one of their webs. In this way, you can choose conscientiously
  • Once the best choice has been made, you can apply for the credit or payday loan without endorsement by filling out an online form, in which you will have to indicate, above all, the amount of money to be requested, the return period, personal data and economic data
  • Once the manager has studied your case, it indicates by email or other means if the request has been accepted or denied . If accepted, you must send the scanned documentation to the email address indicated, (not in the case of payday loan)
  • Then they will send you a contract with all the information related to your credit
  • In a few minutes, the money will already be in your bank account by transfer

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