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The important thing for people who are in a situation of default is to get liquidity easily and fast payday loan are granted through an online process, that is to say with immediacy, and without having to give explanations.

Plan yourself: immediate and online payday loan

Plan yourself: immediate and online payday loan

The immediate payday loan are an alternative financing system for banks created to offer money instantly to those people who need to cover urgent economic problems, such as unexpected bills, broken appliances, medical expenses not covered by social security or even to leave the lists of delinquency , among other circumstances.

Unlike the bank payday loan, fast payday loan and online payday loan allow you to face unforeseen expenses, bills or unexpected fines. In recent years, the phenomenon of microcredit has only grown and today remains the main solution for all those who require rapid financing.

These quick payday loan, moreover, do not require a payroll. Although most entities require a salary, in recent years this requirement has been relaxed. Many new private lenders assume the risk of lending money to less solvent people.

However, we must bear in mind that the immediate payday loan are a financing system designed to be used in a timely manner , when we do not reach the end of the month. If we use them on a recurring basis, we run the risk of over-indebtedness, which is why it is advisable to use them responsibly.

It is advisable to ask only for the exact amount of money that is needed, since the cost of the payday loan increases the more amount is requested. Once settled with the lender the amount received, we would ask for a new credit if necessary.

In short, plan before asking for a payday loan immediately. It is important that you make sure that you will be able to return the credit within the stipulated period. The most appropriate is to establish the return date close to the day in which we charge or receive some type of income.

Responsible contracting

Getting money while was one of the most anticipated credit news with the crisis, since many people, without needing to have alarming debts, can be found in these files. Of the most famous cases that exist are the problems with telephone companies, with disagreements between companies and clients that end with the latter in this type of delinquency lists.

However, if they are available and there are quick credits for defaulters, it does not mean that the contracting of them must be crazy or irresponsible. Asking for payday loans while must be a punctual action for an unforeseen event that was not counted, not a way to settle a previous debt because if this payday loan can not be repaid, it could be really expensive.

Basic documentation and process in less than 10 minutes

The online payday loan can be requested entirely through the web platforms of the credit entities, accessing from any device with internet connection and completing the entire process in less than 10 minutes. It is a few steps:

  • Enter in the payday loan simulator how much money you want and the term in which you will return it so that the entity calculates the total cost of the credit instantly
  • Complete a simple form with your basic information so that the entity can study your application. At the moment you will receive an email informing you about whether your instant credit has been approved or denied
  • Send basic documentation. The entity will review it to confirm the credit
  • After confirmation of the credit by SMS or by email you will receive the transfer

Finally, in order to request the quick payday loan, normally the credit entities request 3 documents:

  • Copy of your DNI / NIE on both sides
  • Operating account number in your name: you can send the first page of your card, a bank statement or a receipt in which your name and your account number appear, a screenshot of your online account, etc.
  • Document justifying your source of regular income

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